We all long to feel like we fit, like we belong. We search and search for that perfect place that we fit. Day and night we think, plan, and pray for that perfect place. A place where we can dwell and a place to call home.

Be we are not at home here. This is not our home.

Earth is like a pit-stop on our journey. Believe it or not, while the days and hours and minutes are long, they are literally nothing compared to the eternity waiting for us outside the walls of this “temporary home”. But no, this is not a home. For now, we will call it a “temporary home” but remember, we can’t get comfy. We can’t “make ourselves at home” here. Why?

1 John 2:17

And the world is passing away along with its desires, but whoever does the will of God abides forever.

His Will is that we come to know Him and be in relationship with Him. When we do that, we fall in love with a God that we want to faithfully follow all the days of our lives. We can follow Him home.

As Christ followers, we have the hope of a home waiting for us and being prepared for us in heaven. A Savior named Jesus Christ ascended into this dark, broken world only to rise in a Light that opens our eyes to this truth:

The best is yet to come!

I don’t know your thoughts and opinions on this trilogy called “The Hobbit”. Yes, I understand that it doesn’t follow the book perfectly and many could argue that the Lord of the Rings wins the favoritism vote between the two, but that is not what I’m talking about right now. I want to quote something the wonderful Bilbo Baggins said in “An Unexpected Journey”. He says this,

“You’re right, I often think of Bag End… See, thats where I belong. Thats home. That’s why I came back, because you don’t have one… a home. It was taken from you. But I will help you take it back if I can.”

This quote made me love this story. A lowly hobbit got out of his comfy chair, in his humble home in Bag End, to begin a journey that had no promises of a good ending. And his motive was not for himself. His motive was not so that he could say he had been to the Misty Mountains or Rivendell where the Elvish lived. His motive was not to brag about his heroic deeds. His motive was not to come out on top.

Bilbo Baggins wanted to:

  1. Escape his routine, boring life
  2. Help the Dwarves find their home

Isn’t that exactly what Christ followers need to do?

Don’t we need to get out of our comfy chairs and escape our routine, boring lives to embark on a journey that could forever change the lives of others? If we have a home with Christ, why don’t we invite others along for the journey and help them find their home in Christ? If we are all looking for that place to belong, a place to call home, then why do we fix our eyes on this “temporary home” and allow our friends to do the same? There’s is so much more than this world. We know that. But a lot of our friends don’t know that. They are out searching for their home. Let’s join their journey and help them find home.

God is calling us all home to be with Him. Let’s stop looking for home in things of this world. Like 1 John said, this world is fading away. Don’t let this scare you, but let it remind you of why we are here and the purpose of this life we live here on earth. Someday, we will be home with God. It will be perfect. We do not know perfect, but we can strive for it. We can seek a perfect God who picks us up as we stumble along the path of life. And one day, we will be made perfect and dwell in the House of the Lord forever. It will be good. It will be where we belong. It will be home.

The best is yet to come.