Not Posting About It.

Yes, we all have our opinions. Yes, we all have our beliefs. Yes, we are entitled to believe what we want to believe. I agree.

Something that I really don’t agree with is all the posts that I am seeing on social media. Whenever a big issue arises there is usually two sides to an argument that has to be made as soon as people hear about it. We expect that to happen. Then we can always expect long paragraphs of personal or popular opinions on our friends’ social media profiles. We can almost predict the time that it will be posted too.

Today, I have something to say about all of these issues and debates that are happening right now. What I have to say is very different from everything you may be hearing right now. It is simply this:

We don’t need to post our page-long, controversial opinions on social media. It is not going to help your cause.

When you put something out there, people can usually see your motives and why you posted it. I’m not saying that we should be completely silent on our social media pages. Our social media pages can reflect who we are and what we believe in. But to always have to start an argument or controversy online is a hassle and takes up a lot of time and strife in a day. It can actually become a burden as you read comments of hate and brokenness fill up your social media feeds.

When an issue arises in the media and in our world, we all form an opinion and idea of what is happening and what should be happening. But here is my question: If your opinion is that strong about something, are you only going to go so far as to post a long sermon about it online rather than to live out what you believe? 

The reason I ask this is because I see so many people get courageous online. We’ve known about the cyber-bullying that goes on when people feel the power to write whatever they want online because its not a face to face conversation. I see the similarities between those situations and how we pose our opinions online with issues today. And it is not just students and young people, there are adults that post very freely online as well. We know that when we have a strong opinion and we post it out there, it will make people angry and upset. Like I said, your motives behind your posts are clear as day! But what I want to know, is if you really believe what you say enough to live it out.

As a believer in Jesus Christ, I always try to be careful about what I post online because I know who I am representing. I want to represent Christ well because I believe in Him and what an awesome Savior He is. He loves me and died for me and so I live for Him. And as a believer, I believe that in the end, it won’t matter who I pleased on this earth or on my social media. It will all come down to how God saw me live my life. And as I post things online, that is what I try to keep in mind.

There is also power in what you don’t post online. Your opinions can only go so far without facts and proof. Are your opinions creating controvsery and anger amongst others? Because if what we are shouting from the rooftops is all about “love”, how is making others angry pointing to love? Is that what love is?

I’ve thought a lot about this over the past few days and all I have to say is that it all comes down to how you love. Life is short and the moments you waste on social media commenting hateful things on people’s statuses and tweets only suck up the time you have left each day. Today, why not just set your phone down and enjoy the people around you? Be thankful for the love you’ve received, never take advantage of it. Show this love to someone else. Then change can happen. Then people can come together. Debates never bring people together in situations like this. Love does.

If you are someone who reads the Bible, I bet you’ve heard this verse before:

James 1:19: “My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry,”

I hope that even if you don’t read the Bible or don’t have a relationship with God, that those words are inspiring to you. We can all learn from these words. Listening is important for loving others. Because before we speak, we should know what we are talking about. Don’t let anger creep in so easily. I believe that anger often wastes our time because we get too upset over things that we may not know enough about. Listen to people. Get together with them and hear them out. Don’t base your judgment on a single social media post. Don’t let your anger pour out into your social media posts either. There is often more power in your silence than in the words you want to say. 

Thanks for reading this post about not posting. I know that it is a little ironic, but social media is a powerful tool to spread word of something. Let’s encourage each other to use this tool for good and not let is tear us apart. It is not the issues that tear us apart. Quite frankly, with all the issues going on in this world, they have a way of bringing people together when people rise to the occasion. But when we go rambling about issues that we think we know best about online with bad motives, we can add more issues on top of everything else going on.

Long story short: LOVE.


Enter In And Go OUT.

Worship is such a big word. It holds so much within it. Think about the many ways that we can worship. In song, in prayer, through serving, through obeying God… Worship is not just a song being sung by a worship leader. It is how we live our lives.

When we sing songs in church or at summer camp or a retreat, we love the songs and the feeling we get when we are worshiping with others. We are in a safe place. We are in a building protected by the four walls around us, dedicated to making a place for us to freely worship. So often those walls become real in our lives. So often we forget the freedom in worship and create a box for our worship. We limit our worship to those walls that we call church and to those places where God is the normal thing to talk about.

I want to see something different. I want to see worship walking around the streets of our cities and our communities. I want to see our hearts displayed for all to see. They are displayed in everything we do. And if Jesus is in our hearts,  we have an opportunity to show everyone just how great He is.

He deserves our worship. He deserves so much more than we could ever give. We know of what He has done yet there is so much more that He has done, is doing, and is going to do FOR us that we don’t even know about. Everything He does is FOR us. He never wants to harm us but is always looking out for us. He loves us with a love that we don’t fully understand. Because if we understood that love, we would never stray. If we were fully aware of how deep the Father’s love is for us, we wouldn’t go looking for it in other things.

Dig deep in His love. Worship Him for that love. Worship Him even when it doesn’t feel like there is anything to be thankful for. God is always doing good and has been doing good in your life since before time began. There are so many reasons to worship Him.

I want to encourage you to step out of the box with your worship. Don’t limit it to a song. But take that song and share it with others. Make this “song” catchy so that its stuck in people’s heads.

Worship is when you take what has happened in the church out the doors. If you are just lifting your hands and singing in there, you are putting your faith in a box. Yes, that can even happen to regular church-goers. It can become routine. It’s easy to save your worship just for a Sunday morning. Don’t. Take it with you when you walk out the church doors. Bring it everywhere you go. Let this fire you have in your worship be contagious. Spread His LOVE to the nations through the small and big ways you can worship God with your life.

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 2.21.43 PM

Worship. Even when it doesn’t feel like there is anything to praise Him for, we can ALWAYS worship Him for His unfailing love.