To (EVERY) day.

Snow days are my favorite things about winter. I love that feeling of joy that I get when I hear the phone ring way before my alarm is supposed to ring or when my mom comes in and tells me to turn my alarm off. I guess I just don’t like my alarm clock. Maybe, just maybe, it doesn’t like me either.

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Do you ever hope and wish and pray for a day off? For a 3-day weekend? I’ve found myself hoping for a snow day so often because I don’t want to face the next day and get out of bed. Now let me say that snow days are a blessing and I am in NO WAY saying that they are bad… but I’ve been wishing and longing for too many days off. I started thinking about that. How much I want to just sit home and do nothing and sleep and watch Netflix… How many of us have been there? (All of our hands go up)!

For me, I personally looked over my desires of my life and how I take on each day. On those days when I am so tired that I contemplate calling a “sick day”, I think about what I’m asking for… And the effect it has on the day at hand.

For me, that is like asking God if we can have a day off of opportunities and responsibilities to be a light and show love to others. Every day we have a mission and a ministry in whatever season of life we are in and wherever God has placed us. And if we don’t know when Jesus is coming back, we can’t afford too many days off.

Rest is important, but don’t confuse that for laziness. I’ve been so tired lately that I keep hoping and praying for snow days… But why would I ask God, who I love and live for, to give me a day off of living out His plan and purpose? I just took a step back and saw how lazy and disrespectful that sounded to me. I didn’t want my relationship with God to be like that. I didn’t want to serve only when I felt like it or only when I got a good night’s sleep. It’s my job everyday to wake up and live for Jesus, to go where He calls me. That is what I signed up for and that is why I gave my heart to Him. I know that my life, everyday, has a purpose to point to Jesus. How can I do that if I’m at home on the couch or in bed watching Netflix or sleeping all day?

I’ve been blessed with good health and a body that works and can get up and walk to my car that drives me to school. I have food in the morning and coffee to help my eyes stay open on that drive to school. I have the opportunity to go to school and learn. But most importantly, I have a mission field everyday to share the love of Jesus Christ to my peers.

What if I stay home one day and I miss a really cool opportunity to share about Jesus with someone?

In order to do avoid these early morning blues, I’ve been trying to sleep more. Getting to bed and resting is so important to taking care of yourself. And as silly as it sounds, it really is your part in contributing to God’s Kingdom… Because in a way, how you take care of yourself can affect how you go about in the world.

Get sleep, get the nutrition you need and get filled up with Jesus when you take on each day. It’s important to get filled up with what you need so you can help fill others up with the love and hope you have in Jesus Christ. He wants to do so much through your life. What a privilege that is.

All in all, don’t take advantage of your days. They’re numbered.

Ephesians 5:16- …making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil.


A Snowy Sunday…

“I’ve been so busy” said everyone.

Life is crazy. Life is good. Life goes by fast. So we try to fit every possible thing we can in the time that we have been given here on earth. I think a lot of us are like this. I know I am. There is so much good in that but there is also a part of me that feels like I am missing out on something even though I am doing everything.

We live in a society that needs to keep moving. We all talk about it and we all recognize it. Yet we keep moving like an old toy you wind up to get going. So we go, go, go. And after all of that, I know that we all die down just like that toy that doesn’t have the energy to continue any further. I can’t tell you how many times I yawn during school every day.

I am involved in a lot of things. Church, school, friends, clubs, our school’s musical… You name it. When all of the responsibilities and plans in my life hit me, it always seems to happen in one moment. All of those things come crashing down and I realize how much is on my plate. I panic and I suddenly feel more tired than I do whilst walking through my school’s hallways at 7 in the morning (and let me just say, I am practically a zombie in the morning). But during this moment of panic and stress, I am gently reminded of who I am and who I am living for.

I know that my purpose is to be a light. To serve and to follow God’s calling in my life. He reveals to me everyday my purpose for each step I take wherever that may be. And there are many places that God is calling me to be. I feel like a lot of us can relate. We are working, going to school school, having families, throwing parties, joining clubs, playing sports, going to/serving in youth group… God may have us in many different mission fields and give us many different opportunities to find out who we are. But something that I’ve been asking myself is how many is too much?

I’ve always heard the saying “Don’t run yourself too thin” but I’ve never thought that it pertained to me. I was “fine” and had the energy to go and do all of these things I had signed up for. But now, I’m faced with my senior year and decisions… I am starting to think of questions like, “What is best for me and God’s calling in my life?”, “Where can I best contribute my talents?”, and “What can I do to make sure I can rest on top of everything?”

Rest is so important. And I haven’t been making rest a priority in my life. The silly thing is, I don’t sleep enough yet sleep is all I think about when I am at school trying to stay awake. If sleep is all I’m thinking about, how can I think about others in my school that I should be showing love to? It disturbs me that sleep takes over my mind because I’m not setting enough time aside for it.

Taking care of yourself is so important for taking care of others. We need to be in good condition to expand God’s Kingdom.

1 Corinthians 6:19

Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own;

Involving yourself in a lot of things can be good for you and for others to hear about Jesus through you. But make sure you can give your best in whatever you do. This may seem pretty obvious or cliche to you, but I felt this was something somebody needed to hear. I definitely needed to hear it and it was loud and clear. It was like my “wake-up call” to rest more….

Something that has been on my heart as well is you can grow closer to God while serving and doing what you feel He is asking you to do, but we need to make sure we are growing closer to Him in those intimate, quiet moments we set aside for Him. I think those are the most important moments of our days. Those quiet moments can help you prepare for the moments when you feel stressed and overwhelmed with everything life throws at you.

Make rest a priority. Make your time with just you and God the biggest priority. Make your days count. But just because you’re not getting something done or running around doesn’t mean your day didn’t count. The best days can be the ones spent in silence or even snoring. 🙂

Matthew 11:28

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

Genesis 2:3

Then God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it he rested from all the work of creating that he had done.