One Hit Wonders That Would See Another Year…

It was summer camp. Never the Same Camp 2012 (the best summer ever). My friend Kelsi and I decided to follow the trend of the world at the time and preform a song on our ukuleles for the talent show that week. How original. BUT… this is what we came up with.

Court Me Maybe:

I wanna hold your hand so I sit next to you in prayer
I look through the whole Bible to see if our babies’ names are there
(cos I put the stud in Bible study)

I’ll take you to a G-Rated movie
Don’t worry my sisters coming along
I’ve got agape love for you so I wrote you this song
(could I buy you a non alcoholic beverage?)

I couldn’t help but notice you’ve got a Jesus fish tattoo
I bet that this is in God’s plan cos I have one too
You’re a better miracle than the fish and loaves of bread
You must be a fisher of men cos baby you’re reeling me in

I promise that when we dance, we will always save room for Jesus.

Heard you were shopping for a new girl… Jesus paid the price for me, so I’m free.

Hey, you look really familiar… Were you my match on Christian Mingle?

I was looking through the book of numbers and realized I didn’t have yours!

Hey I just prayed for you
And God just told me,
You are my soul mate…
So court me maybe.

1st place. 😉


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