Summertime Madness

So most of my friends know that my summers are not the normal stay-at-home, maybe get-a-job summers. I don’t sit around and get a tan or see my friends everyday. Last summer, I went to the beach maybe once. But I would never trade my summers for the world. I get to be apart of an awesome adventure thats new and radical everywhere I go. 

My family and I travel across the country to go to Never the Same Camps. My dad, the person who inspires me everday, stepped away from his job about 5 years ago to live by faith and answer God’s calling for his life. He is now the founder and director of Never the Same Camps, Claim Your Campus, and the Grand Rapids Mud Run. 

The Grand Rapids Mud Run ( ) happens in August, right after we get back from traveling all summer (when we’re all tired and ready to hybernate? Yeah, that’s when). This awesome event supports the rest of Never the Same’s ministry with its profit from thousands of runnners that run, climb, walk, and crawl this adventerous race. 

Claim Your Campus ( ) is something that I’m involved in at school and have a heart for. It is the idea of students all across America praying boldly and unashamedly for their schools at their schools. My family has a heart for prayer and it’s awesome to see what God has been doing at schools through this ministry.

Never the Same Camp ( ) is what my family does all summer long. We pack tightly in our car to drive to five different locations across the country for a weeks-load of fun. Churches bring their youth groups in buses to experience God in an amazing and different way and to connect with their youth groups like they never have before. Its a week long event full of team competitions (each church is a different color), unbeleivable worship times, awesome messages from guest speakers, a very competitive talent show, and more. 


This is what I am going to write a lot about this summer. This camp that uses up so much of my June and July. I love it. And there are so many more stories to come from this journey. 

I just got back from the first 2 of 5 weeks of camp. The first in Indiana, where I attended the camp with my church, and the second in Chicago, where I babysit the sight director’s kids. Both were different experiences with which I will continue my story later. 

Today is different. Today starts a restful period. My family is home for 2 weeks until we load back into that jam-packed car for another 3/4 weeks without sleep. So I’m going to take my time and slow down for awhile. If you choose to read what else I have to say about my experiences at camp already, you’ll see why this restful time is so helpful. Right now, I’m living in this moment with the meaningful memories I took from these past two weeks. 

Right now I need to reflect and be still. 



Psalm 46:10

New International Version (NIV)

10 He says, “Be still, and know that I am God;
    I will be exalted among the nations,
    I will be exalted in the earth.”